How To Make Curtains From Tableclothes

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. After much sweat, blood and tears, the curtains are finally DONE! I thought it would be fun to show the evolution of these two rooms over the past several years. These first pics are of our house when we did our first walk-through back in 2004.How about those awesome wreaths hung with Christmas lights intertwined? Shockingly, we didn’t even have to pay extra for those or the space heater sitting in that box in the dining room. Not too long after moving in, we decided to add some color. I’ll give you a hint – think Kernel Mustard from Clue.It was a nice change – what can I say, we live life dangerously and took a chance. I did make the mistake of pairing dark, maroon curtains with the mustard yellow walls and as much as I like vampires, I didn’t enjoy living like one. Which brings us back to the future present.Look at those chocolate brown curtains against the light gray walls – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite as beautiful. Ok, I may be a little biased, but I love how they turned out! As I mentioned in this post, I decided to make tablecloths into curtains. Here’s the 411 on how I did it:They were originally 60 x 104″, so I needed to cut off 14″ to make them the 90″ length I wanted. You can see the fancy measuring tape/laser leveler method I used above to accomplish this.After that, it was just a matter of hemming the edge I had cut using ultra hold Heat N’ Bond iron on hem tape from Michaels. This was seriously the easiest part of the entire project! It took me longer to actually iron the curtains themselves than to do this step. I highly recommend this brand, the stitch witch instructions looked WAY more complicated.The curtains wouldn’t be hanging today without the help of my hubby. I had him hang the curtain rods 10″ on the outside of each window and as high as they would go while barely grazing the floor. Please excuse the dark, yellowish pics that were taken at night – I’m beginning to realize the magic of natural lighting.

I also had 14″ of fabric left from each panel, so I’m thinking of DIYing some napkins. What’s the verdict? Should we go back to the Mello Yello walls or are you digging the new look? Any other no sew hem tape addicts out there? What’s your favorite thing you’ve repurposed into something else?

The Lettered Cottage
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14 responses to “How To Make Curtains From Tableclothes

  1. I’m totally going to do this for our nursery! What a great idea. We are using our office as the nursery and have two small windows (like the one by your front door) that have about three feet of wall in the middle. Do you think we should make two panels per window? or should we do one panel per window? I don’t want it to look to cluttery, but I don’t want it to look off-balance. Help, Monica!

    P.S. I’m also going to use this no-sew method to make a dust ruffle for our crib!

    BTW, I LOVE the gray walls. It took it to a level of sophistication! Although, the wreaths were pretty nice…lol!

  2. Curtains look great Monica! When are you coming to make some for our home? You can bring that handy man husband too!

  3. I think you should’ve kept that amazing window treatment in the first picture, you can’t beat that! haha. I love the finished look, keep the grey paint, it’ll be easier to sell it with grey rather than yellow. Just tell that to my kitchen!

  4. Monica, that looks NOTHING like your living room! What a great transformation!

  5. Thank you all so much for the compliments!

    Katie, I love that you are going to DIY your own curtains for Baby Hickerson’s nursery! I was actually inspired to do this project by a couple who made nursery curtains (

    Mandy, I totally agree with you about gray being a MUCH better paint color for staging to sell than the bold yellow – that was one of the main reasons we did it!

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  10. much better!!! and i’ve got your dining room tablecloth hung as a curtain in myt upstairs hallway!

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