A Natural Christmas

I was at Hobby Lobby the other day wandering through the Christmas aisles (which have for reals been up since July) and realized that I am being drawn to more of a natural look for Christmas decor.
Even at 50% off, 2 of those jute Christmas trees would run me $30! I do have a gift card there after returning a print from our dining room. Hmmm…
I absolutely love all the natural colors and textures used on this tree. Oh, and I MUST figure out a way to DIY that monogrammed burlap tree skirt!
This would be the perfect sparkly ornament to go on that tree! How fun would it be to make these for friends that you normally wouldn’t exchange gifts with? Of course last year I went out and bought lime green and powder blue ornaments because I was tired of the red and gold ones we always used – grrrr!
I’m thinking that vase with tree branches and brown cards tied to them would be the perfect natural-looking centerpiece for my table! Now my wheels are spinning on how to recreate this look throughout our home on a budget. I’m thinking I’m going to need burlap, lots and lots of burlap:)

Do you have a Christmas “style” or do you just throw everything up that happens to be in the boxes up in your attic like we usually do? Where is your favorite place to buy affordable Christmas decor? Am I the only crazy person who has had Christmas on the brain since Starbucks switched to their holiday cups?

Christmas decor images found here, here and here.

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