Post-Thanksgiving Blues

I’m not sure if I actually have the blues – it’s more of an unsettled feeling about what all I have to get done in the next day/week/month. We spent the last 5 days on the road making the family rounds to both OK and MO. We were hoping to hear 4 state versions of the Lady Gaga You and I song, but we only managed 3.
We had a lot of fun, but I’m finding it difficult to get back into the groove of things. I saw a movie with a friend when we got back into town last night and Ben had a surprise waiting for me when I got home…
I had barely mentioned when we were going to put the Christmas tree up and he had it all set up – we’re talking MAJOR hubby points! The high-hung curtains actually make our tree look a little dwarfed – we’ll see once we get the star on.
This is the current state of our living room. It was nearly impossible to pry myself off the couch this morning with that snugly PB throw and our Kindle!
I wasn’t the only one snuggled up. Cali has been trying to catch up on her beauty sleep since she’s used to sleeping 12+ hrs. during the day:)
Ben also brought down all of our x-mas decor from the attic which is waiting for me to put up. We’ll see how my natural Christmas idea pans out.
I probably did more seasonal decorating this fall than I ever have before, so all of that needs to be replaced with Christmas/winter decor.
We might as well leave out the suitcase because later this week we’re getting back on the road and taking a short business trip to Nashville (sigh).
Look at these beautiful red berries that I discovered when I opened the blinds in our guest bedroom! I can’t wait to incorporate these into my x-mas decor.

Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed on this Cyber Monday? Am I the only one who hasn’t unpacked from Thanksgiving travels? What’s your favorite outdoor element you’ve used to decorate in your home?

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3 responses to “Post-Thanksgiving Blues

  1. Feeling quite blue actually. I’m realizing now that I should have picked a color other than blue to dominate my Christmas tree. While it will again be quite pretty, it doesn’t exactly scream “warm and cozy.” Just had a glass of wine and took a bath at 4:00 in the afternoon while listening to a playlist on my phone that at one point I titled “Christel’s favorites.”. It was full of titles like “missing you”, “the luckiest”, “am I standing still”, “waiting for you.” Somehow I still feel a little better though and even energized a bit. The boys are out grocery shopping which gives me a short window of peace, so I’m going to savor the rest now! Way to go, Ben!!! You should keep him for another year at least, Monica. I love you guys!

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