Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you’re a Crafty McCrafterson like myself, you roll your eyes at store-bought wrapping paper and long for something more! I was all gung ho this year on buying brown butcher paper and ribbon for our gifts. That was until Ben brought down everything from the attic which included 2 brand new rolls of wrapping paper I apparently bought on clearance after x-mas last year.
NO!! How could I have sabotaged my creative self an entire year ago without even knowing it? Luckily, it was super cute paper that I knew I could work with. Did I mention that I decided to do this project within hours of us leaving for MO to spend Christmas with my family last weekend?
I wanted to buy jute string to add texture and then to cut out doves (I used a Whole Foods bag) with the names written in white. Michaels doesn’t carry jute string, so I opted for hemp. I also picked up a Martha Stewart painting stencil with the bird template. I completely forgot to get a white pen so I just used a black calligraphy pen I already had. The best laid plans… am I right?
My sis-in-law outdid me by using my coveted butcher paper and beautiful, wide red ribbon (I can’t believe I forgot to take a pic!). She said that she got the butcher paper from Hobby Lobby in the framing dept (who knew?). As you can see above, the possibilities of accessorizing butcher paper are endless!
Here’s another fun idea using alphabet stamps which adds that personal touch!
I love this simple, yet sophisticated wrapping idea using a cut-out snowflake – ooh la la! Feel free to click on any of the pics above for the links.

What’s your favorite gift wrapped look this season? Did anyone else sabotage themselves via after-Christmas sales? Who is using something besides wrapping paper to wrap gifts – newspaper, fabric, TP?

Gift wrapping images found here, here and here.

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2 responses to “Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

  1. Just today I took some of the brown paper from Ikea to wrap a present I bought there, tied it with green ribbon I already had. For our dirty Santa party, I wrapped the gifts in full page pictures from a German cooking magazine. I love NOT buying wrapping paper!

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