Saggy Shelves

Do y’all remember how we topped off our mini kitchen renovation with some espresso floating shelves to add storage/pretty decor space?
Well, I’ve noticed a small problem with them lately. Just because we live in Memphis doesn’t mean we need to jump on this trend…
That’s right, our floating shelves have started to sag (a.k.a. drive me crazy!).
Ok, ok, maybe I shouldn’t have piled every pot we own onto that bottom one regardless of how much weight it said it would hold. It’s definitely not coming off the wall, it just looks awful like someone threw them up there without a care in the world for aesthetics (Oh, the horror!).
It’s not just the “pot” shelf either – the other two are drooping their little heads as well. I even stopped storing our laundry detergent on this one which was THE WHOLE POINT of putting a shelf above the washer – grrr! We weren’t able to drill the holes into studs because of where we wanted them on the wall, but we did use heavy duty drywall anchors.

This is me getting on my amateur-home-owner hands and knees begging you please to tell me how to fix these babies! John and Sherry over at YHL decided to install brackets on their floating kitchen shelves which I like, but we need to come up with a solution with the ones we have.

Any ideas? Who else has had a shelf sagging problem? Should I scrap the entire thing and go buy some cabinets?

Saggy pants billboard image found here.

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