Blackout Bedroom

What could be more romantic than blacking out your bedroom for Valentine’s Day?! Why would we do such a thing you might ask. There is a lot of research (like this and this) that say sleeping in complete darkness (no light from windows or even an alarm clock) helps you get much better sleep. I came across this YouTube video that was selling blackout kits for a whooping $175!
I sent the link to Ben and he went all “Tim The Tool Man” Taylor proclaiming that he could easily make these blackout shades himself. He went to Home Depot and bought 4 long pieces of pine wood for around $4 and went to work!
After meticulously measuring the outside frame of our bedroom windows, he used a miter box saw to make the cuts and then screwed them together.
This is what it looked like all put together and ready to test out (he was so excited about this project that he didn’t even bother changing out of his church clothes!)
It needed to fit as snug as possible around the frame. If we had it to do over again, we would have invested in better wood that wasn’t as warped.
Then he stapled blackout material that we already had hanging behind our curtains to the frame. These never completely blocked out the light because there were always gaps, especially on top where the curtains hung out.
Since the curtains weren’t wide enough to fit over the frame, we had to tape them in the middle (and later decided to use black electrical tape). We also added a strip of insulation foam at the bottom of each window.
After pulling the curtains shut, nobody knows but us! Since the shades are removable, we can always take them off and shove them under the bed if we were showing off our house or something. Since we already had the blackout curtains, this project cost us $4 for the wood and $4 for the foam insulation vs. $175.

We’ve been sleeping in complete darkness for 3 nights now and I already feel like it’s making a big difference. I wake up remembering very vivid dreams which probably means that I’m getting more REM sleep than I used to.

Who else has gone over to the dark side? Any other hibernating believers out there? What’s your favorite DIY project you’ve done lately?

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3 responses to “Blackout Bedroom

  1. Exactly how much weight has Ben lost since 2009 when we saw him last? From the picture above I think he is skinnier than me.

    • Denise, Ben has probably lost around 30 lbs since y’all last saw him. I’m incredibly proud/jealous of his determination in following these life-changes through!

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